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I have a 90 Spec XR3i EFi. And lately it has started playing up. The Idle has started to become erratic and when coming to a stop at light the engine sometimes completely cuts out ( about 25% of the time). I recently read an article (in Fast For) about Idle Speed Control Vale setting, and followed it, but my Engine does nothing like what they said. It doesn't peak when you reconnect the valve, or dip when you adjust it. On a positive note though, it does have the later Throttle Body Mounted I.S.C.V, and not the earlier Air Box mounted type which was known for this problem.

Has anyone had this problem Or has anyone got any ideas about why this is happening ?

I had this problem a little while after I got a second hand brake-servo. I presumed it was a leak in the servo but it wasn't. I drove around like this for months with it proper pissing me off. I had the idle speed adjusted higher to stop it from cutting out when I came to a halt, but the revs still dropped. The only thing that cured it was when I had it tuned and the air and fuel mixture was altered. 

Since then its been fine.



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